Indy Portfolio



Women's March- First Photo Published

The first set of photos I had published through the Indy were my photos from the Women's March in Durango. It really helped me learn how to be dropped into a fast-moving situation and pull a visual story out of it. I feel these photos also legitimize me as a solid photojournalist to my staffers and fellow editors.


Silver Mountain- First Cover Photo/Foot in the Door

Perhaps the photo that got me the most recognition through the Indy was the photo that I took that was used for the first print issue's cover photo. This shot of Silver Mountain was not taken with the thought of it being in the Independent, but I realized it was a very nice image so I sent it to Alex, which then propelled me into consideration for the photo editor position. The position taught me about how to run a team of photographers and how to communicate with other editors.


DSNGRR- Best Unused Photo

My favorite photos that I took for the Indy that didn't end up being used were a set of photos from the Durango train. Intended to be used in a story about the possibility of the train switching fuel sources, the story was eventually cut, and these photos went unused. I feel that this taught me that no matter how important I think my position is, my job is mostly to provide visual support for the textual elements of the Indy.


Iceland- First Journalistic Photo Trip/Social Takeover

The most extreme photo experience I've ever had while working for the Independent was my trip to Iceland. Though this trip was planned long before I joined the Indy, I collaborated with our social media editor to turn my trip into an opportunity for a social media takeover. This was my first experience with completely running an organizations social media page and also my first taste of foreign correspondence. It was my job to come up with viable images every day and stories/captions to accompany them and send them back to our readers in the United States.


Durango Music Scene- First Print Photo Essay

My first print photo essay was also perhaps my most personal assignment. When I first came to Durango, most of my social activity was because of the music scene in town. This story allowed me to get back to my roots as a musician and music photographer/photojournalist that got me into journalism to begin with. This is a topic that been covered a lot in the area, so I feel this assignment taught me how to portray a subject in a different way than everyone else.